mardi 11 novembre 2008


Study break: a time to let the mind relax and recuperate from hours of mental exhaustion; or a night out involving Tanqueray mixes, friends, a birthday and getting home much later than expected.

In retrospect it was a damn good study break, although I was only going to stay out for an hour but in truth that was never going to happen. It’s interesting how I always find myself in a similar situation around exam time – each day goes by without really making much headway on the stack of notes I neatly categorized to study and then I find myself one day before the exam with a stack that looks pretty much the same size as the one I started out with. Well, I’m really grateful for short-term memory!

So with several Tanqueray cocktails taking their effect, a fascinating discussion arose: “why do women always do things in groups?” It is rather odd to depend on the company of others so much, I mean going to the bathroom, shopping, and then you invite one to a party and she brings 5 others. If a bunch of guys go to the bathroom together…ok I won’t go there. But with all this talk of equality and female independence – why is there a need for women to travel with an unswerving support group?

Ok, before I start sounding like a complete male chauvinist, I respect women completely and am in full support of female independence and equity in the workplace – but one has to agree that this is a strange phenomenon. So is it due to social induction during youth or is there some deeper underlying reason? I’m actually inclined to believe the latter; that it’s an enduring evolutionary trait: the evidence residing in the behaviour of other female mammals. So then is it a matter of security or a sense of safety in numbers? However all this theorizing still doesn’t explain the bathroom migration? I would love an alternative female perspective, other than it is a mere excuse to gossip.

On a random inclusion – the Tanqueray cocktails were fantastic! If one ever finds themselves at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, with nothing to do (which I’d find hard to believe) go to Alba Lounge and order a Tanqueray Sling – divine! There’s something about gin and cherries that is just so stimulating, although I’m a dedicated Tequila fan, I’m finding myself slowing persuaded to diversify. 

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  1. Hey! Just tried to write a comment but it seemed to just dissapear!!

    Anyway, HELLO! SOOO MANY BLOGS TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Really great to see you have still popped back now and then to see how I was getting on, im sorry to say this is the first time ive popped in for quite some time!

    I couldnt decide which blog to have a read of but the title of this one seemed to have some relation to me - my uni modules are called MED2001 and MED2002 and so on so it seemed odd that yours would be similar! Good luck with exams and things, im just as bad at leaving things to the last minute! Pop in for a catch up soon!