lundi 10 novembre 2008

Friends & Temptation

So where do friends come in? Society is abundant with temptation all around us some actually lead to really pleasurable results and others have nasty side-effects – but the one source of temptation that is the most difficult to ignore are friends. These beautifully and well-selected group of the human population are there when you need them; shoulders to cry on, relationship advice, gossip, party entourage etc…they really are multipurpose. So when your friends ask you to come out to a cocktail lounge for one of their birthdays 3 days before your final exams – you say YES…I mean no…well what do you say?

It’s one of those situations where if you do go, you’ll be a good friend and if you don’t go, you hope they’ll understand because you’re friends - but bearing in mind that this is now the third event I’ve missed and they’re probably wondering whether I’m still in the country?

To go or not to go?

3 commentaires:

  1. hey thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and thanks for the advice we'll see how that goes keep reading tho cuz my blog is only gonna get worse and funnier i promise, tell all ur friends

  2. Life is a dilemma...


  3. Make an appearance & cut it short.
    You can do it. Your friend will understand..

    ..and, if you're truly dedicated to doing well in your medical studies I'm sure you can leave off the temptations of wine, woman, and song for 2 hours.

    A social life is important too. You need to be around those who are healthy, as well as those who are ill. Being social is a part of your learning. You learn a lot by being in the presence of others and they in turn learn (and, laugh, and love) with you.

    Go to the Party.

    Cheers, SinfullyAnon.